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BigCrumbs has moved to MainStreetSHARES®!

Go beyond simple cash back. Turn your shopping into an investment in you.

What's MainStreetSHARES®

MainStreetSHARES® is a new service from the company that brought you for over 9.5 years.

Instead of cash back when shopping at top online stores like Target, Walmart, and eBay, with MainStreetSHARES® you now earn a share of all company revenue, based on your total monthly spending. This includes shopping commissions, advertising, and new revenue streams as the company adds products and services. MainStreetSHARES® members also earn lifetime referral commissions when their referrals shop.

Best yet, you'll also earn virtual shares called msSHARES® when you and your referrals shop through MainStreetSHARES®. In the event that MainStreetSHARES® is acquired, you'll receive a cash payout, based on the number of msSHARES® you've earned.

You (yes, you) have helped to turn Facebook and many others into multi-billion dollar companies. You can easily do the same with MainStreetSHARES®. The difference is, MainStreetSHARES® shares the wealth you help to create with you!

Why the move to MainStreetSHARES®?

Our misssion has always been to provide you with an opportunity to share the wealth you help to generate for others everyday. MainStreetSHARES® gives us a chance to fully execute that mission. Instead of an emphasis on simple savings, the emphasis at MainStreetSHARES® is on earning a share of the total value that you help to create.

For instance, the only reason we can sell advertising to our retail partners is because of you. So we want to share that revenue with you. And, as our company's value continues to grow, that's because of you too. So, in the event of a multi-billion dollar acquisition, we believe you deserve a share.


It's New. It's Change. We Get It!

Let's face it: we're absolutely crushing the status quo, wherein you're expected to give your value away. In fact, businesses and consumers expect it.

There will be (and already have been) objections to what we're doing. Some, from members who were accustomed to what BigCrumbs was. Other objections will come from "outsiders" who attempt to evaluate at a glance, without investing much thought (there's also profit to be made in wielding unfavorable opinions). And, there may even be an old competitor or two who don't particularly love it.

We wanted to address a few common concerns right out of the gate:

  1. It's tooo haarrdd to understand
    We make light of this, but it's true that we're asking for slightly more brainpower. Still, the concept is insanely simple. Here's how to "get it"
    1. Start by completely erasing the old cash back model from your mind and not trying to relate it back to that concept!
    2. Now, consider that other sites you visit, like Facebook, generate tremendous advertising revenue from you. Now, just imagine that they shared it with you, based on your "likes" or photos.
    3. Congratulations! You now understand MainStreetSHARES revenue sharing. Instead of "likes", we simply share all of our revenue (shopping commissions, advertising, ec.), based on your total spending.
  2. If it takes more effort to understand, then it must not be good for you
    We've actually already encountered this one "in the wild", and we confess that it earned a few head-scratches from us. It's a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the reader, and the corollary is that "simple is good for you". As in, "don't worry about those messy billions being made by Facebook from you while you "like" the day away".
    So, we say "au contraire!"
    What's really not your friend is the kind of simplicity that says, "we'll give you a few percent cash back that you can easily understand, then use your willingness to accept that to extract your total value (your data, advertising, etc.) for ourselves, that's worth many times more than what we're paying you".
  3. I just want MY cash back. I don't want to "share"
    It's the opposite! Your "value" here is actually multiplied by that of other members. It's our collective presence that makes MainStreetSHARES more valuable upon any acquisition that you'll share, and it's also what increases our advertising revenue that you'll also share.
    You have to wrap your mind around this concept to see the true value of MainStreetSHARES. We're giving you more than cash back. We're giving you a share of the total value of ALL members.
    When you spend through MainStreetSHARES, you will earn. Period.
  4. I want to know EXACTLY how much I'll earn before I shop
    What you'll earn on average should be close to, if not more, than what you would under the old cash-back model. And, as the value of the site continues to increase, it is likely to evolve into many times what you'd earn. There's also the bonus of the potential acquisition you'll share.
    But, let's face it: you weren't getting rich from cash back. Even if you earned 0.25% less on a transaction or two in the very short term while we grow revenue, is it really worth clinging to and giving up the real opportunity that MainStreetSHARES offers?
    If you understand everything here and your answer to that single question is "yes", then MainStreetSHARES is likely not for you. We hope you'll change your mind at some point but, in the meantime, we wish you well!
    MainStreetSHARES is more like investing, with a bonus: you have a guaranteed return when you shop that's even likely to be more than you would have earned otherwise. Plus, you have the much greater upside in sharing in total company revenue, potentially giving you many times more.
    Oh yeah, and let's not forget lifetime referral commissions and an acquisition payout!
    Good grief. Why would anyone ever choose a rebate again?
  5. Isn't this a Ponzi/Pyramid/MLM/etc. scheme?
    We've seen this with BigCrumbs, but we overlooked this potential objection for MainStreetSHARES, until a couple of earnest members asked us about it.
    It's honestly a little tiring to be "weighed down" by this, but we do understand: when you're doing something innovative, people will try to reconcile it with something they already know. Plus, admittedly, what we're doing may sound to good to be true. To us it just seems normal and fair.
    But, the short answer is: absolutely not.
    It's nothing like a traditional MLM. That's not a judgment about MLM. It's just not what we are. We don't ask you to buy any products, except those you already purchase from popular stores. There's no markup, there's no cost to get involved, there's really nothing you'd find in traditional MLM programs.
    Or, maybe it's our referral program? Many companies offer them. We just pay referral commissions indefinitetly, since the value of that referral will be gained by MainStreetSHARES as long as the member is participating. To us, that's just basic fairness.
    And, while we will continue to grandfather in BigCrumbs members to be paid on two generations of referrals, we've actually reduced that to one for new members going forward. So, any notion of even the "ML" portion of MLM completely goes away.
    We couldn't understand why people would even think this, so we turned to Wikepedia for a definition:
    A pyramid scheme is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public
    And, further down:
    In a pyramid scheme, an organization compels individuals to make a payment and join.
    There's literally nothing in that definition that fits MainStreetSHARES:
    1. It's a highly sustainable business model. Facebook, Twitter, et. al. prove that every day.
    2. Payments are not made to members "primarily for enrolling other people", but for the value they help create. Our referral program is really a bonus.
    3. There are clearly "real products and services" being sold by our reputable retail partners
    4. There is zero cost to get involved. Ponzi schemes take money from members and give it to others. That's absolutely not what we're doing.
    One of the big reasons that Ponzi schemes are illegal is because someone is left "holding the bag". That is, as more people join, there's a lessened chance that later people will recoup their "investment" because there are fewer "investors" left to contribute more money.
    MainStreetSHARES is precisely the opposite, not only because it's free, but also because our value increases indefinitely as more new members join. That means higher shopping commissions, more advertising revenue, and more overall revenue to be shared.
    In general, there's an idea that you are just a lifelong customer and that no company would actually offer to compensate you for your value. And, when you look at the fact that we seek to grow as virtually every other successful company (by word of mouth), and that our vision is based upon our collective power, it's easy to see why people are tempted to put us in that category.
    But, it's just not accurate.
    For those who can earnestly read this and still not see the difference, then MainStreetSHARES is probably not right for you.

Getting Started

MainStreetSHARES® is free and easy...

Non-BigCrumbs Members: If you were not a member of BigCrumbs, then simply visit MainStreetSHARES®, take a look around, and sign up! Yes, it's 100% free.

BigCrumbs Members: If you were a member of BigCrumbs, then your account has already been transferred to MainStreetSHARES®, and there's no need to sign up again! You'll have the same User ID, e-mail address, etc. as you did at BigCrumbs. So, simply visit MainStreetSHARES® and reset your password to get started!

For BigCrumbs Members, there are a few more things we want you to know!

  1. The biggest difference at MainStreetSHARES® is that, instead of cash back, you earn a share of all company revenue based on your total spending.
  2. All of your referrals, earnings, shopping history, payments, etc. have been transferred to your MainStreetSHARES® account.
  3. Your User ID at MainStreetSHARES® is the same, and your e-mail address is the one that was on your account when BigCrumbs went offline in January, 2015.
  4. Your CrumbShares have been swapped for the exact number of msSHARES®, so you can continue to build your piece of the pie.
  5. Any BigCrumbs referral links that you have "in the wild" will continue to work! When people follow them here, then click any links on this page to visit MainStreetSHARES®, your referral information is carried over there. When they join MainStreetSHARES®, you'll receive credit for the referral.
  6. If you are owed a January or February payment because your PayPal account was not verified, please verify your PayPal account after you've reset your password. We'll be sending payments in batches as members verify.
  7. Here's a handy list of BigCrumbs Transition Questions that should cover many of the questions you have!
  8. Please contact us at MainStreetSHARES® for any additional questions!

We're excited to have you on this journey with us, and we look forward to building together!
Vince Martin
CEO & MainStreetSHARES®

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