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BigCrumbs has moved to MainStreetSHARES®!

Go beyond simple cash back. Turn your shopping into an investment in you.

What's MainStreetSHARES®

MainStreetSHARES® is a new service from the company that brought you for over 9.5 years.

Instead of just cash back when shopping at top online stores like Target, Walmart, and eBay, with MainStreetSHARES® you now earn a share of all company revenue, based on your total monthly spending. This includes shopping commissions, advertising, and new revenue streams as the company adds products and services. MainStreetSHARES® members also earn lifetime referral commissions when their referrals shop.

Best yet, you'll also earn virtual shares called msSHARES® when you and your referrals shop through MainStreetSHARES®. In the event that MainStreetSHARES® is acquired, you'll receive a cash payout, based on the number of msSHARES® you've earned.

You (yes, you) have helped to turn Facebook and many others into multi-billion dollar companies. You can easily do the same with MainStreetSHARES®. The difference is, MainStreetSHARES® shares the value you help to create with you.

Why the move to MainStreetSHARES®?

Our misssion has always been to provide you with an opportunity to share the wealth you help to generate for others everyday. MainStreetSHARES® gives us a chance to fully execute that mission. Instead of an emphasis on simple savings, the emphasis at MainStreetSHARES® is on earning a share of the total value that you help to create.

For instance, the only reason we can sell advertising to our retail partners is because of you. So we want to share that revenue with you. And, as our company's value continues to grow, that's because of you too. So, in the event of a multi-billion dollar acquisition, we believe you deserve a share.

Getting Started

MainStreetSHARES® is free and easy...

Non-BigCrumbs Members: If you were not a member of BigCrumbs, then simply visit MainStreetSHARES®, take a look around, and sign up! Yes, it's 100% free.

BigCrumbs Members: If you were a member of BigCrumbs, then your account has already been transferred to MainStreetSHARES®, and there's no need to sign up again! You'll have the same User ID, e-mail address, etc. as you did at BigCrumbs. So, simply visit MainStreetSHARES® and reset your password to get started!

For BigCrumbs Members, there are a few more things we want you to know!

  1. The biggest difference at MainStreetSHARES® is that, instead of cash back, you earn a share of all company revenue based on your total spending.
  2. All of your referrals, earnings, shopping history, payments, etc. have been transferred to your MainStreetSHARES® account.
  3. Your User ID at MainStreetSHARES® is the same, and your e-mail address is the one that was on your account when BigCrumbs went offline in January, 2015.
  4. Your CrumbShares have been swapped for the exact number of msSHARES®, so you can continue to build your piece of the pie.
  5. Any BigCrumbs referral links that you have "in the wild" will continue to work! When people follow them here, then click any links on this page to visit MainStreetSHARES®, your referral information is carried over there. When they join MainStreetSHARES®, you'll receive credit for the referral.
  6. If you are owed a January or February payment because your PayPal account was not verified, please verify your PayPal account after you've reset your password. We'll be sending payments in batches as members verify.
  7. Here's a handy list of BigCrumbs Transition Questions that should cover many of the questions you have!
  8. Please contact us at MainStreetSHARES® for any additional questions!

We're excited to have you on this journey with us, and we look forward to building together!

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